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by 2 April, 2021LaceyMay's News

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  Happy Easter   It can only mean one thing, and not were not talking about chocolate eggs, Hot cross buns, daffodils or long walk (weather permitting). We are talking about the yearly stocktake. So a few more days in the shop and that will be completed then hopefully we will have time off over the 🐥Easter weekend. To recover from our travels and looking forward to welcoming customers back into the shop if everything goes to plan and can reopen on the 12th April. 

We have been very quite on the social media scene over the last week as we where in Colne in Germany. OK not actually in the country, we attend one of the largest trade shows in Europe virtually.

It was a great experience and the first that I had attended for over 18 months. I actually wen to Colne about 4 years ago to the same show, so was great to see the so many companies supporting it. There where a few companies missing which was a shame but I will be contacting them direct, to see if they have any new products hitting the market soon. 

We have sorted out quite a few new products  which are coming onto the market soon.  So means there will be new lines and products coming to LaceyMays. Those that are on our newsletter shall be informed about 10 days before the items are going in the shop that they will be able to purchase no the website.  That’s if we have any left. So why not join our newsletter to get the latest deal, offers, new products and where you can find what events we here at Laceymays when we are out and about at local and national shows.  

With the countdown getting even closer now that🐥 Easter🐥  is almost over, where did those days go.  Our eyes are not on finishing line to being able to reopen the doors to the shop in Canford Heath Poole. If you didn’t know we are situated with 🐙Seahorse 🐙Quilting on the neighbourhood centre next to a large Asda. So the best benefit is lots of free parking even for the largest vehicle.     If you have been to the shop already you will see a lot of changes that have happened in the shop. If you not been yet then you have something to look forward too.  I will add photo to Facebook and Instagram and hopefully shall do a short video in there so that you see the amount of Haberdashery and the fabrics that are on offer. Not only have we completely moved the Haberdashery, but also in the fabric has had a move around. We are still trying to work out where everything is, but it is all in shades of the brands.

We where actually looking online and choosing  🎄Christmas 🎄fabric the other day, which we hope shall arrive in June/July time. We always say its never too early to start any Christmas quilts or products. I must admit that I have been making items to hold haberdashery tools in already for that time of year.

We have also been looking at events as these are slowly starting up again. The first event will hopefully  be on 7th May, this will be at The Allendale Centre, in Wimborne Dorset 9am to 1pm, only if lockdown continues as it slowly opening.

We will be attending the first Friday of every month.

We will have a selection of haberdashery tools and some homemade items.  We will of course be in the shop three times a week as well to help out with any customers who are after any tools. If there is something special that you are after and tried to get hold of please do ask and we shall see if we can locate the item for you. Also do you hold workshop, classes, quilting groups, or events for your groups. Are you after something thing a little different to attend your event with a haberdashery table or do you need a large amount of an item like hoops or needles or more. Then please contact us and we try to help you out.