100% Cotton Fabric for Binding 5 or 10 metres 2.5 inch various colours


Cotton Fabric binding rolls 5 or 10 metres of 2.5 100% cotton fabric on a roll.

Ideal for binding quilts or for roll quilts. Saving you plenty of time than cutting out and stitching together your binding. Limited stock



100% Cotton Fabric for binding on a roll

100% Cotton fabric for binding, unfolded  100% cotton fabric. Comes on a 5 or 10  metre roll, these have been cut into manageable lengths. Hoping to increase the colour range. We are trying these to see if these go and then shall increase the colours.

These have been cut into 2.5 strips and in one 5 or 10 metre length. No seams, just one long 5 or10 metre strip.

Just think of all that time you are going to save instead of cutting the strips and joining them together.  Just start by folding the roll in half and start sewing it to the front of your quilt. Or on the back if you sew this method.

No worries about not having enough binding for your quilt. Its all on a roll. Its like when you have continuous zip no worries about how long the zip you require.

Saving you plenty of time than cutting out and stitching together your binding on a roll.

How many quilts could you bind without have to cut a single 2.5 strip for the binding it. Hopefully when we have this stock in we shall have a quilt or two ready to bind and we shall find out.

        I’m thinking its a great for doing charity quilts, I help sew for The Linus Charity, have made plenty of 36in x 36in quilts which is a standard lap quilt for the charity as it is a suitable size for a huge range of children.

At present and limited stock,  True Purple, White, Navy, Light Lilac, Pearl Ivory and Red

Quilting Clips or Binding Clips – 1/4″ and 1/2″ Seam Guide

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