Accessories Presser, Crease marker, buttonhole cutter and Point Turners


Hand tools to help out with certain projects ideal for making toys




Accessories item that can assist you in gaining that processional look through out making your project

Finger presser with point is ideal for when turning projects and pointing out corners like cushions covers. For opening and folding a seam and tracing detailed patterns.

Crease Marker is perfect for making lines on patterns so can press and make creases as well. To create crease line on fabric for quilting and for tracing patterns.

Point turner with button gauge this helps you have that professional finish on collars and cuffs.

Button cutter Premium quality cutter with a sharp fine blade, non slip soft grip handle. Use the double ground blade to cut out button holes neatly. Useful for a variety of crafts

All these tool are suitable for projects like toy making dressmaking, quilting and many other



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Crease Marker, Point turner, Button Hole Cutter, Milward presser, Milward Crease, Sewing Gauge