Artisan Chunky Wooden Embroidery Hoop




Artisan Chunky wooden embroidery or display hoops. Something totally different to display your work. Or if you have problems in holding an ordinary hoop while doing your sewing. Something new on the market to either use with to produce your work, or just use to display your work  as the hoop is chunkier than morning shall be easier to hold when sewing your project.

The Artisan Chunky wooden is about 1/4 inch thick with three layers per hoop. The depth of the hoop all so 1/2 inch.

This gives the whole hoop a very rustic and handmade look and feel to these hoops. We have a feel that the larger hoops could be used as a quilting hoop.  These are new out on the market and are hand made. With a solid brass class up to size 10.

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