Awls Stiletto pointed tools – handy for making holes many sizes


Handy tool for piercing holes for rivets, snaps, eyelets and more.

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Awls is a simple hand tool, a handle with a thin tapered metal shaft, with one end that comes to a sharp stiletto point. An awl is a tool which makes holes for setting eyelets, rivets or snap fasteners, or existing holes enlarged. It can be used on a variety of materials including heavy materials, such as leather or canvas.

Awls can be used as an “extra finger” with a sewing machine. The point can be used to guide trimmings when sewing on fabric.  It helps to guide lace or ric-rac along cushion covers or crazy patchwork and decorative trimmings beading. Guiding flat ribbon or feed binding through when bag-making or turning applique and as an aid for pressing sharp seams.

Pym Awl with point protector with wooden bulb handle is a quality sewing accessory that is used to punch holes up to 4 mm wide through various fabrics and materials.

Hemline which is more lightweight as it has a plastic handle so ideal for more delicate fabrics.



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Hemline Tailors Stiletto, Prym Awl with protector