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Bag Handles, D Rings, Tuck lock buckles  and other accessories



Bag Accessories

Bag accessories are products that could give your bag that professional look. Accessories are items that you will need for making bags – from handles and fasteners to bag stud for the bottom of your bag, you’ll find all the supplies you need for your next stylish bag project. Cant find what you are after or need more then please email us and we shall see what we can supply for you.

Bag handles come in all shapes and sizes. Hoops, ovals, pear and rectangular handles all sold in pairs.

We have decorative bag fastenings with ones even with ball clasp bag tops made by Prym so are a good quality.

Flex frames can be found on another page 85 mm,120 mm, and 150 mm sizes.

Bag Accessories

Bag accessories to assist making your bag have that professional look

D rings Buckles are great for a variety of garments, bags and designs. These D-rings are best suited for belts, straps, bags and garment accessories, providing a strong link that will last well.

Magnetic closure fasteners the unit consists of 1 male, 1 female and 2 metal washers to fold over the prongs back on themselves to keep the clasp securely in place.

Bottom bag base studs Finish your bag project in style with these easy to apply professional base studs.

Herringbone tape is a 100% cotton tape available in 30 mm and 40 mm widths. Great for handles for bags.

Tuck Lock buckles a clasp used for fastening two things together



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Pear Handles 4 inch, 11 inch Handles, 11 inch Amber handles, 4.5 pair round dark brown, 4.5 pair round bubble, 4.5 Oval pair Amber, 4.5 Oval graphic Handles, Antique base nails, Silver base nails, Frame Emilia 12x5cm, Frame "Alegra", Prym Frame Lucia, Brass Chain Prym "Leandra", Magnetic Black Tote bag Closure, Magnetic Ant. Gold Tote bag closure, 19mm Magnetic clourse, D Rings nickle 20mm 4 pcs, D rings nickle 25mm 4pcs, D rings Gold 25mm 4 pcs, D rings gold 32mm 3 pcs, D rings nickel 32mm 3 pcs, D rings Gold 12mm 4 pcs, D ring Gold 20mm 4 pcs, 30mm Herringbone Tape Natural, 40mm Herringbone tape Black, Gold 31m Tuck Lock Buckle, Silver 31m Tuck lock buckle, Gold 47m Tuck lock buckle, Silver 47m Tuck Lock Buckle