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Plastic bobbins for modern home sewing machines

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Bobbins for sewing machines

All types of bobbins for most  home sewing machines, are a vital part of any sewing machine. They vary in shape and size, depending on the style of bobbin driver in the machine for which they are intended to be used. These shorter, wider bobbins are familiar to modern sewers, as the rotary/shuttle hook remains in use on modern machines essentially has unchanged. It is essential that you get the correct size bobbin for your machine. So it is an idea which I have done is place a sticker on the side of my machine to get the correct bobbin and height-

Janome Plastic bobbin for both front loading and drop in machines. Suits Janome, New Home and some Elna machines. Does not fit Swiss made Elna machines. 11.5mm high.3 pieces

Standard Bobbins will suit Bernetta, Celestial, Empisal, Frister & Rossman, Janome/New Home, Singer and many other machines which have the standard front loading bobbin case Plastic bobbins can replace. metal bobbins originally supplied with machines. 11.5mm high 3 piece

Singer Machine This plastic bobbin suits Singer machines with a drop in type . Expect models with the ‘auto wind’ type bobbin 10.8 mm high 3 pieces.

Husqvarna/Viking machine This plastic bobbin suits Husqvarna/Viking machines with a drop in type  10.00 mm high 3 pieces

Brother, Bernetta or Singer This plastic bobbin suits Bernetta, Brother and Singer machines with a vertical front loading a bobbin case. Also for later models using drop in bobbins. 11.5 mm high 3 pieces

Brother This plastic bobbin suits  Brother machines with a drop in type   9.2 mm high 3 pieces

Bernina Metal Bobbins 7 hole 7 hole This metal bobbin suits all Bernina machines with a front loading bobbin case. Also suitable for very early models supplied with a BB bobbin. 11.8 mm 3 pieces Metal Bobbin 8 hole –  8 hole This metal bobbin suits Bernina machines with a full rotary front loading bobbin case. 9.1 mm bobbins  3 pieces

Singer Metal bobbin – for drop in Singer machines. Suits early Singer machines with a domed, narrow drop in bobbin case. 10.8mm high.3 pieces

Standard Metal Bobbin  To suit all front or side loading 15K type bobbin cases. 11.8mm high. 3 pieces

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Janome 11.5mm, Standard 11.5mm, Singer 10.8mm, Husquvana/Viking 10 mm, Brother, Bernette, Singer 11.5mm, Brother 9.2mm, Husquvana 8.8mm high con, METAL 15K 11.8mm, METAL 66K 10.8mm, METAL 7 Hole Bernina 11.8mm, METAL 8 hole 9.1 mm, Pfaff 8.7mm, metal frontloading case