Continuous Zips No 3, 3/4, 5, 5/6 and sliders 5 metres plus 10 free sliders


In Black, White, Cream and Beige in one single length. With 10 sliders

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Continuous zips

Continuous Zips does what it says on the label as the name suggest these are supplied in one piece so that the length can be suited to your desired length for your project. So if you are making a variety of cushions then no need to buy several different lengths and find you have not got the last one. All in 5 meter lengths that shall do a lot of cushions or other projects putting in clothing, costumes.

Come in a size No 3 which is ideal for small cushion covers or other smaller projects.

While size No 5 is more for heavy duty projects like cushion and seat covers for seating on sofas

We stock a variety of colours in  White, Beige, Black and Cream.

The continuous zips  are made of nylon zip, we supply them in 5 metre lengths which is cut off the roll. If you require more 5 metres then can be sent in one piece.  Easy to cut by hand. Each 5 metres of zip you shall receive 10 FREE sliders. Additional slider can be purchased.


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