Handmade Dolly drawstring Bags 8-9 inch x 7 inch


100% cotton and fully lined Dolly Drawstring bags. Suitable for toys, pencils or crayons and much more.



Handmade Dolly drawstring bags

Every Dolly bag has been made using 100% cotton fabric. All are fully lined and the pipping cord is 100% cotton as well. At present they are of similar size and we are thinking that we will make make them larger, so they can be used for larger items These are ideal for children’s presents.

We decided that to increase the amount of events that we can attend, we have started making items for sale. So that we can attend hopefully the double the amount of types of events.

So we an attend craft fairs and handmade events. As in the past we have found that, even though we sell item for people to product the items that have been handmade and if it wasn’t for us them no one would be able to make the items. This is our logical thinking anyway. Theses are handmade items that we are selling at events.

We will over the year, be adding more seasonal bags like for Christmas and Easter. We are looking at more ideas for the embroidery and we shall eventually get more of an idea what is popular and make more..

These bags have many uses from holding small toys like metal cars, plastic animals and Lego. You could also use them to carry pencils or crayons in a tidy and medium size easy to close bag. All embroideries are made by machine and are sewn by machine.

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Penguin (light green), Small croc (Green), Snail (red), Applique Duck and trucks (pink on Blue), Applique Pincushion on pink, Dino (on Yellow), Dino (on Green), Happy emoji (right heart), Happy emoji (Left Heart), Puzzle piece (on Yellow), Puzzle piece (on Red), Bee (on green), Bee good (on red)