Embroidery Scissors


Perfect for all art and craft projects, these scissors provide great quality and superb value.



Embroidery Scissors

We supple a range of different embroidery scissors – these are useful not only if you are cutting threads while doing embroidery but many crafts. These are small in size about four inches in length. With many different type of hand designs.

At present we have one of each of the 12 different styles, we shall when we know what is the popular style we will get more stock in. But more are added each month

Either gold plated handle with nice tips or nickel throughout.

More different Embroidery scissors are being added each month This month we have added Goldish, Silver and rainbow coloured embroidery scissors. Ideal present for the crafter in your life.


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Thistle handle G, Leaves handleG, RIc handles G, Pattern handleG, Swirl handles G, Full pattern handles G, Thislte Handles N, Wavy handles N, Leaves handles N, Holes Handle N, More Wavy handles N, Pattern handles N, SC Rainbow, SC Goldish, SC Hearts, SC Silver