Fabric Glue pens and refills Stix 2 – Prym


Assist holding fabric to fabric while sewing then will wash out once it is sewn. Always test on fabric scrap



Fabric Glue pens Stix2 Anything or Prym

Fabric glue pens and refills from Stix 2 anything. This fabric glue has a temporary basting ability which is ideal for English paper piecing, basting a zip or temporary fixing an applique before sewing. This is with the use of adhesive, to make certain tasks easier. Ideal for craft and hobby and making gifts.

Fabric Glue Pen are designed to hold fabrics in place for sewing without the need for pins or clips. Simply apply the glue along the fabric edge and press the pieces together to hold.  A little in to the edge when using on applique, so that its holds on the fabric with you stitch.  It is coloured for easy application but dries clear. It is water soluble and can be used for all kinds of fabric projects.

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