Frixion Classic and Fineline Pens and Refills


Always test on a scrap piece of fabric before use



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Frixion classic and fineline pens and refills

Frixion classic and fineline pens and refills is a range of pens made by Pilot.  Can be used on fabric and produce a fine, crisp and clear mark which goes on smoothly with no skipping. After quilting or sewing you simply place an iron close to the lines away and they are gone!

We sell the classic Frixion pen and refills in Navy only and the new range of fineline Frixion pens which come in 4 colours Black, Navy, Green and Red.

The pens and refills have a combined gel ink and thermo ink. These pens and refills are heat erasable which means are removed by heat of an iron. The marks will reappear if the quilt or sewing gets colder than  -10 degree. This is part of the inherent chemistry of the ink combination.

Buying the refills for the Classic pens means there is no need to keep buying the pens over and over. The refills come in pack of 3.

The refill for Frixion Ball Line thickness: 0.35 mm  Features The Original Thermo Sensitive Blue Ink.

Please always test on a scrape piece of fabric that you are going to use beforehand

 It is important to note that Pilot did not design the pens for fabric and did not test them on fabric while developing the concept.

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