Gutermann Threads – Sulky, Metallic, Quilting, Cotton and more


Sets of 7 Reels and 5 reel boxed sets Cotton 400 metre reels



Gutermann Threads

Gutermann Threads made by Gütermann in Germany with it’s 150 years of consistently-increasing know-how to produce 100% high quality threads.

Sew-All thread is the go-to thread for every serious sewist.  Ideal for both hand or machine sewing, on all fabrics and seams regardless of stitch type.  The thread is strong and durable, also reliable without fibre lint and seam crimping which can be apparent with inferior threads.

Hand Quilting thread is a smooth 100% Egyptian cotton, treated with wax to ensure it easily passes through several layers of fabric and wadding.

Metallic Effect An attractive set of metallic effect threads to add a decorative touch to any creative craft project.

Sulky Threads Rayon 30/40 High quality threads with a lovely sheen in a beautiful range of both soft and vibrant colours that will enhance your machine embroidery projects.

Boxed in either 7 reels of varied colours, types of thread and in a hand plastic boxed container. Or boxed in 5 reels of varied colours many variegated colours Cotton Sulky Cotton Thread.

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