Straw Milliners, Certain Stitch and Between hand sewing needles


Straw Milliners and Betweens and certain stitch (length) needles in a range of size packs



Straw Milliners

Milliner needles – also called “straw” needles – have a smaller, roundish eye, a shaft that is the same thickness as the eye (the eye does not bulge at the top of the needle) and a sharp tip. Milliner hand sewing needles are quite long compared to the other needles.  These needles where traditionally used in hat making. As the needles are long with round eyes, are ideal when used in the art of pleating and creating fancy decorative needlework or commonly known as smocking.
Straw milliners hand sewing needles is a needles that generally longer than a sharps needle, but are similar in construction. It is useful for basting and pleating, applique and decorative stitches as normally used in millinery work. These come in pack of 10


A Quilting or Betweens Needle is a hand quilting needle that is shorter than a sharp needle with a short round eye. It comes with a slightly thicker shaft which gives extra strength. Use for quilting, hand piecing and applique.  Used for making fine stitches on heavy fabrics such as in tailoring, quilt making and other detailed handwork  These come in 20 needle per packet.

Certain Stitch

Embroidery, fashion, home sewing, quilting, ‘Certain Stitch’ needles have been developed to give consistent stitches. There are multiple ways to use the needles from masterful hand stitched hems and hand quilting to top stitching and surface embellishments; all can be achieved at the height of excellence. A band of colour on the needle shaft helps to create stitches which are evenly spaced and of a consistent length

Not Nickel Plated BLACK hand sewing needles by PONY

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