Not Nickel Plated BLACK hand sewing needles by PONY


NEW Anti allergy sewing needles Black non reflective coated surface which is soothing to the eye.

Have been mentioned on Create and Craft by Sarah Payne ideal for embroidery and other crafts,



Not Nickel Plated

Pony brings you a new generation of innovative needles. These needles have a totally black non reflective surface, which is very soothing to the eye.  They comes with either a black or white eye for easy threading. So these are ideal if you have an allergy to nickel. Maybe you have had to give up sewing due to the fact your unable to use the needles. Or that you have had to sew with gloves on, stop the allergy flaring up..

The needles come as good news to allergy sufferers they are NOT nickel plated and they have met the highest international standards in terms of REACH conformity.

Pony Sewing needles are well known, not only for their strength, smoothness, perfect points and superior performance they also  offer the largest available range of hand sewing needles. We supply a large amount of the Pony range, as it is a brand that we have bee brought up on and have loved them over the many years.

NOT nickel plated and suitable for every craft.  You will find a PONY needle for every project, from Sharps for general sewing to embroidery needles.  Such as Crewels and everything in between!  We shall increase the lines as and when we can. We have started off with 20 lines to start with and we hope that it covers most sewing crafts for you.


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