John James ‘Pebble’ hand sewing needles range


Keep your needles safe in a hard covered case



John James Hand sewing needles

John James is a company that supplies a wide range of hand sewing needles. Pebbles is a fairly new range of specialist hand sewing needles. In this range there are 9 designs to assist you in the most popular sewing craft. These include assorted household, sharps, darners, and chenille.

Then onto the specialist needles for embroidery, tapestry, quilting, knitters and beading. An ideal present for anyone that sews in your family. Each of the pack of the needles pack has a different number of needles and size of needle in the pack, all in a hard plastic pop case to keep them safe in your sewing box.

All John James needles have oval eyes. Depending on which one you require depends on the size of the eye. AS the Knitter needles has a large eye to allow for chunky wool to be placed through it, which the Beading it is very small and narrower eye to allow small beads to be passed through it.

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