Knitting accessories Row counters or protectors


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Knitting Accessories

Knitting Accessories  are tool s to help you make a garment or project with ease. These tools include Row Counters, Point Protectors and  markers.

Row Counters come in single sizes to attach to all size needles. There is also a twin pack with two different sizes . Row counters and the point protectors are by Pony.

Point Protectors jointed in the large size and non jointed for various size needles.

 Markers ideal for marking your rounds of your projects or certain lines of a repeat pattern that needs to be marked .

Finally a bundle with the following   One Pony Small plastic  row counter.  in your knitting project 2 -5 mm Colour vary and one in this bundle.  One Medium plastic  row counter.  your knitting project 5.50 – 7.50 mm Colours vary and one in this bundle  One Jumbo plastic row counter.  in your knitting project 7.50 – 10 mm  Colour Vary  and one in this bundle Finally one packet of John James Quality Needles from the “Crafters Collection” Deluxe Knitters Needles with bent tip Contains two envelops with a total 4 needles in 3 sizes. One size tapestry bent tip 14, one size tapestry bent tip 18 and two tapestry size 18.

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