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Includes many useful items for the beginner.

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Knitting Tool bundle

Knitting is when yarn or wool is manipulated to create a textile or fabric for use in as garments. Knitted fabric consists of a number of consecutive stitches and rows using needles or pins. Needles consists of two slender, straight sticks, tapered to a point at one end and with a knob at the other end to prevent stitches from slipping off. Easy to learn to knit with larger needles. The diameter affects the size of stitches, which affects the gauge/tension of the knitting and the elasticity of the yarn. The length of needles are a personal preference, what it is made of is also to everyone taste. We include wooden as it is kinder on the wrists as warmer to use than metal one.

Knitting needles two one 5.5 mm Bamboo wooden 34 cm and one Carbonised wooden 5.5 mm 24.6 cm long

Yarn/Wool  one ball of 25 g Robin white acrylic wool/yarn to either start on or add to your wool stash.

Pony starter kit with 7 items to assist you , it includes small Stitch holder, Blunt needle, Cable needle “U” Wool needle with flexible eye, Tape measure, Row counter pick up needle.

Stitch holder a large size to hold stitches of a sleeve or collar from Pony

Wool needles from Pony a pack of two metal needles for sewing up your work, large eye to allow for all types of thickness of wool.



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