Magnifying Glass


Ideal for all craft projects that require your hands free



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Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass which is hands free and with a large diameter face of 10 cm  (4 inches).  Which gives you an easy view of your project. while working both hands are free to use on your project, While the strap and pads sit comfortable giving you this freedom

With a magnification of up to 2.5 times.

Made of plastic so its light-weight with an adjustable neck strap and cushioned rubber feet which all aid the comfort when using the item. With the benefit of the hands-free comfort.

This is suitable for anyone who does hand stitching either Embroidery, cross stitch, hand quilting, in fact any hand sewing that requires or is better that you have both hands free to complete your project more easily.

Magnifying Glass – Plastic – Lightweight- Neck strap so Hands Free

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8 x 8 inch, 12 x 12 inch