Markers Pens and Pencils Quilting or Sewing


Always mark on exact test fabric before use



Marker Pens

Marker pens for quilting and sewing markers, here we have a selection of pens and pencils to aid you in your sewing tasks in dressmaking, quilting or applique. They all erase by different methods depending on what you are after. Some wash out some vanish by air (disappearing ink), others you can wipe away or permanent marker for labels. While the pencils rub out with hand of a fabric eraser.

Hemline wipe away with a damp cloth, Hemline erasable air dry marker.

Milward bright pink fine line air dry

Prym Permanent marking fine nib ideal for writing labels to attach you your finished piece of work. Or Auqa Trickmarker water erasable

Always test with a scrap piece of fabric before using your main fabric.

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