Piping Cord 100% Cotton or Polyester 5 metre length


To enhance you edging of certain projects like cushions



Piping cord

Piping cord is multiple strands of cord twisted together. It is a type of trim or embellishment consisting of a strip of folded fabric so as to form a “pipe” inserted into a seam to define the edges or style lines of a garment or other textile object. The fabric strip can be covered with fabric on the bias, so that it is easily moved round corners if required.

Piping only tends to come in a few colours in the store or even online.  Piping is made with a cord and a strip of fabric that is cut on the bias.  So if you can find the right colour of bias tape that you need……use that, it’s pre-cut.  If not, grab some fabric from your stash that can be cut into a strip.

100% cotton braided piping cord is pre-shrunk and ready to use. The smooth appearance is ideal for use with lightweight fabrics as it gives a non-ribbed effect. Perfect for clothing and soft furnishing applications such as providing a core for covered edging on cushions and bolsters, tie backs and more. Polyester piping can also so the same things as the cotton but just made with polyester. 

Today, piping is common on upholstery, decorative pillows, cushions edges and more. Can also used on clothing. piped pocket openings, garment edges, and seams are characteristic of western wear. 

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Size 1 Cotton, Size 2 Cotton, Size 3 Cotton, Size 4 Cotton, Size 5 Cotton, Size 6 Cotton, Size 3 Polyester, Size 5 Polyester

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