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Prym Tools, a great brand doing a great job to assist you in your craft.  With a wide selection of different useful items to help you while creating your project.

Needle grabbers are made from soft silicone to be comfortable to wear also has breathing slots to stop the thimbles from slipping. Place on thumb and fore finger to help grip the needle securely and protects your fingers when sewing sturdy materials and when guiding through thick materials like denim and leather.

Professional 8″ (21cm) scissors, the blades are Mirco-serration for a very crisp and clean cut. Rustproof

Arm pIn cushion, Slaps on your wrist, so one size fits all. With a magnetic plate to place your pins and needles on it with out losing them. . Pink in colour

Pen with fine Oil – Ideal for sewing machines, scissors, keys and cogs. With an Anti drip valve

Prym Ruler 4 “handle,  suckers are 3 1/4 inch apart edge to edge, so shall fit anything from a 4 x 4 inch square or ruler. Easy to fit in your palm of your hand.

Glass headed pins No 9,  30 x in a hard plastic pot, with 20g of pins, ideal length and if you iron over them they shall not melt onto your fabric.

Mini iron, pressing seams, applique work.  Includes an easy-to-use on and off switch, several temperature settings and steam option.

The tailor’s ham from Prym is a practical aid, which no sewing and craft work fan should be without. Folds in fabric in necklines, waist bands, cuffs, darts or curving seams can quite simply be ironed out. Side seams and seam allowances no longer push through.

The seam roll from Prym. Its rounded surface allows you to iron clothes without creasing and even side seams and seam allowances just disappear. The long shape of the ironing roll makes it especially suitable for collars, sleeves and trouser legs.


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8" Scissors, 9 1/2 inch Dressmaking, Arm Cushion, Glass headed pins 20G, Grabber Blue, Grabber PInk, LED Threader, Magnetic HEART pin cushion weight, Mini Iron MAT, Mini Steam Iron, Pen with Oil, Ruler Handle, Seam Roll, Tailors Ham, Turning set