Prym Turning Set 3 sizes for bag handles, belts etc


Useful tool for tuning your fabrics

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Prym Turning Set – 3 sizes

Prym turning set makes turning of fabric tunnels such as straps or belt loops easy, from a small belt loop to a broad bag handle, any self made fabric tunnel can be easily turned. The fabric tunnel is first sewn on one side only then place over the plum blue plastic tube. With the enclosed rod, the fabric can now be pushed through the tube and be automatically easily turned.

  • For easy turning of self made fabric tubes with push through rods
  • Plastic tube with wood and metal rods
  • 3 sizes for fabric tunnels with a tunnel width of 9.5 mm to 25 mm size marked on edge of  tube

Prym turning set is brilliant for turning tubes of fabric through to the ‘right side’. These are ideal for bag handles, loops and turning belts and straps of fabric.

The pack contains three sizes loops for different measures:
Size S for loops from 9.5 to 16 mm.  Metal rod to poke the fabric through plastic tube.
Size M for loops from 19 to 25 mm.  Size L for loops from 25 mm. Both have wooden rods to poke the fabric through



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