Quilters Quarter 8 or 12 inch by 1/4 inch by Sew Easy


Quilters Quarter Ideal to gauge to make a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance to templates and patterns.



Quilters quarter

Quilters Quarters by Sew Easy. The Sew Easy range of rulers and measuring aids were developed and soon became a leading brand for quilting rulers and measuring products in Australia. Today more than a million Sew Easy rulers are used throughout the World.

Useful for adding a 6 mm / 1/4″seam allowance to templates. Idea for marking 6 mm/1/4″ quilting lines on quilt tops. The quilters quarter is the perfect design tool for drawing all 6 mm  1//4″ allow

The difference is the length of the quilters quarters are either a 200 mm or 8 inch and the 300 mm 12 inch 

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