Quilting Gloves -Free Motion


Quilting gloves keeps your work clean while free motion quilting



Quilting Gloves

Quilting gloves are ideal to keep in control while your free motion quilting on your machine, as you will be able to handle your work more easily and while keeping your work clean at the seam time.

High quality quilting gloves, comfortable fit. With rubberised grip dots on both sides of the fingertips for added control, less movement and friction and reduced strain and fatigue on the hands. New Nylon fabric with added polyester and elastic for a better fit, increased flexibility and less movement. Ideal for easily and safely adding or removing pins, adjusting fabrics, changing threads and threading needles with added control.

Sew Easy these come in  white in variety of sizes, with rubberised gripping material on fingers and palm. Keeps your hands and quilt clean when handling.

Sew Mate While these are grey which one size fits all


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Small/Medium Sew Easy, Medium/Large Sew Easy, Multi size Grey Sew Mate