Quilting Rulers and Squares Left or right hand use


For light and dark Fabrics can be used 45 Degree Diagonal Line  Accurate 1/8 inch marking



Quilting Rulers and Squares

Made of a hard durable clear or coloured acrylic material. Ideal for using when quilting blocks while measuring, using the fabric cutter and squaring off blocks and more.

All have markings that are bright and coloured for easy looking through any coloured fabrics, making it clear to measure on your fabric. With different  degree angles and well as clearly marked inches. We supply a variety of sizes in square and rectangle.

Non slip rulers and squares which ensures  maximum accuracy, also with two direction bias lines at 45 and 60 degrees. Ideal for Left and right hand use with accurate 1/8″ markings.

The 30, 45 and 60 degree bias lines are printed in two directions allowing left or right handed use. Two colour grid, so can be used on both light and dark fabrics. Computer generated grid and markings ensure consistent accuracy. Accurate 1/8″ marking.

Le Summit and EZ quilting quilting rulers and squares

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Size and Type

4 x 12 inch Ruler, 6.5 inch squared Non Slip, 4.5 inch Squared Non Slip, 9.5 inch Squared, 6.5 inch Squared Blue 34165, 6 inch Squared Blue 34166, 4 inch Squared, 4.5 squared blue 34145, 6 square non slip LS6060, EZ Leftie/rightie 4.5 square ruler, 1 x 12 inch ruler, 1/2 inch ruler 3 pk, 4 x 14 blue ruler, 4 x 14 YELLOW ruler, 6 x 12 ruler blue, 2.5 x 2.5 blue square