RedWork or Blackwork “Try it now” Kit Bundle


Includes many useful items for the beginner.

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Redwork or Blackwork Bundle

Redwork or Blackwork what is the difference apart from the colour of thread. The stitch and fabric.

Redwork is worked in Red embroidery thread with a pattern drawn on the white or natural-coloured embroidery fabric like Muslin. There are many different patterns and instructions are available in books or on the internet.  Blackwork is worked in Black embroidery thread which is counted-thread embroidery. Many designs are geometric, so stitched on an even-weave fabric. Like 14-count Aida up to a 36-count Aida. We have included some 14 Aida in this bundle. Despite the name “Blackwork” it was also done in blue, green, gold or silver.

Hoops included are two hoops of different sizes, 5 inch bamboo, good for displaying your finished work. Also a 6 inch wooden hoop for you to work on.

Threads Redwork can use embroidery threads or and including pearl cotton, linen, bamboo, and silk threads. While Blackwork you can use embroidery threads from DMC or Anchor other brands are available.

Needles  Embroidery needles are best in Redwork.  While a tapestry needle is recommended for Blackwork.  Two packs of various sizes have been included in the bundles.

Material Included is 12 x 20 inch piece of Aida to start your blackwork and for the Redwork we have included some white muslin of the same sizes.

Scissors a 4 inch pair to aid with cutting of the threads

Marker pen Redwork only wipe away marker  Always test before use 



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Redwork, Blackwork

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