Seam Ripper, Thread and Pin wheel bundle


Ideal to spoil your Sewer in the family.

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Seam Ripper bundle

In this seam ripper bundle consist of a seam ripper which is a small tool used for ripping stitches, which need undoing for a reason. The head is usually forked with one side of the fork flattening out and becoming a blade and the other side forming a small point.

Insert the blade underneath the seam which needs to be removed.  The thread slip down into the fork and the tool is then lifted upwards allowing the blade to rip through the thread. Once the seam has been undone in this way the loose ends can be removed and the seam resewn.

A 500 yard spun polyester thread in a neutral colour Ideal for hand or machine use.

Finally a wheel of 40 berry pins.

These are conveniently packed on a wheel and offer 40 large headed pins in eight different colours. Pins length are 30 mm 40 on a wheel.

Every bundle will come with a different coloured neutral thread either white or cream or very pale beige.  A different coloured handle, small seam ripper and wheel of berry pin heads.



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