Sew slip non stick mat help free motion glider fabric while use Rulers,12 x 18 inch mat


12 x 18 inch Sew slip quilting mat

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Sew Slip

Sew Slip Quilting sheet. With 21st century materials this mat makes free motion sewing on your machine so much easier without the use of any tape. The mat has a slippery non stick silicon top surface. With a permanently tacky non slip back which holds in place once on your machine. Simply remove the craft sheet from the back and place the hole under your needle and away you go. Still remembering to place your feed dogs down to prevent damage to the sheet.

Feed dogs don’t go down then either use a cover plate or set your stitch set to “0”.

When using a ruler and have a problem with your tension, then up your top tension by 2 and see how it is, you maybe able to slightly reduce it just have a teak with it.

The sheet helps your block or quilt glide over the back of your work.

Over time the back may lose the tackiness then place in water and allow to dry and the stick shall return. A very handy and reusable item for many years.

Ideal for hand free motion or when using with a template or ruler when quilting.

Want want why you are doing normal sewing then cut the a rectangle slit behind your foot plate on your machine if you like to keep the mat on your machine for all types of sewing. This will prevent the mat from curling while you are going normal sewing.

The package is 12 x 18 inch quilting sheet.

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