Sewing Machine Needles


Hemline and Klasse Sewing machine needles. All are universal for most machines.



Sewing Machine Needles

Klasse is a German company which have been making and selling many different types of Sewing machine needles. Hemline originally started in Australia with 80 products but now based in South China with now over 1000 products. Prym Machine sewing needles Microtex super sharp.

There is a large range of needles that help sewing machine user in different type of sewing to make there job easier. They generally universal and fit the majority of sewing machine around the world.

We hold a large range at present we have the following Universal, Quilting, Sharp, Jean, Triple, Wing/Hemstitch, Leather, Embroidery, Twin, Triple, Over-locking  and Titanium. Each pack will differ in the number of needles and size.

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Leather Heavy 18, Leather Assorted, Wing/Hemstitch, Triple, Embroidery, Sharp, Jean, Universal fine, Overlocker A, Overlocker B, Overlocker E, Overlocker K, Quilting, Metafil/Embroidery 2mm, Twin Stretch 4, Twin Universal 2, Twin Universal 4, Universal Heavy, Metafil/Embroidery 3mm, Universal Assorted, Titanium Quilting, stretch, H L: Ballpoint 6pk, Metallic 80/12, HL Regular 6pk, HL Meduim 80/12, HL Heavy Assorted, Microtex Prym, Schmetz quick threading