Sewing Pins


Dressmaking, quilting and sewing pins of all types and sizes



Sewing Pins

Sewing pins that we stock more are being added each month, we try to get the new makes and type out on the market

Prym – Glass headed Pins Hardened & tempered steel shank Rust protected Coloured heads Resistant to ironing – Won’t melt when pressing  Ideal for dressmaking. Purple head easy grasp pins also by Prym 10g packet

Hemline Pearl Headed – Assorted Pearl Heads Pins: Gold 38 mm 40 pcs. Nickel plated steel with colourful decorative pearl heads. Longer pins for general sewing and craft use. Traditional pin wheel.

Hemline Berry Pins: Nickel 34 mm 40 pcs. Nickel plated steel with colourful decorative plastic heads. Traditional pin wheel.

Pony Black dressmakers Pins have totally black, non-reflective surfaces and are not nickel-plated, which is great news for allergy sufferers. Made from hardened and tempered steel. The black colour of the needle is not only soothing on the eye but are easily visible on all fabrics.

Dressmaker Pins & Foam Pin Cushion – 25mm 350pcs. Supplied in plastic container with Foam Top Pin Cushion. Hardened and polished. Most popular size of dressmaking pins (0.65mm)

Hard steel Straight pins

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