Specialist Needles, Curved and Sashico Hand Sewing


A selection of curved needles for job from leather work to making sacks



Specialist Needles

Specialist needles are designed and ideal for all types of crafts. Upholstery, leather-work and carpets. Sacking, tent, sail, lamp shade and more. Come in different curves sizes, lengths and thicknesses to make the tasks easier.

The time has long past that the carpet fitters’ apprentices had to sew up a tool bag out of carpet scraps to show that he had mastered the art of sewing carpets together. Sometimes change is not always for the best.

Covering most specialists needles including leather and other range of uses including weaving, sail or sack stitching and there is even a carpet needle in a red German packet.

Prym, Essential, Whitecroft and Germany made hand specialist sewing needle. Covering specialists for upholstery and a range of other uses. Ideal for all types of crafts the multi packets of needles are better value and your ready for any project.


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