Tape Measure Retractable, Tailor, Extra Long or Fixo fixable


150cm / 60 inch length 6mm width

300cm / 120″ long x 20mm wide

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  1. Tape measure

Measuring tape this is a flexible ruler and is used to measure distance. It consists either of a ribbon of cloth, plastic or fibre glass.  It is a very common measuring tool. Its design allows for a measure of great length to be easily carried in pocket or sewing kit. It permits you to measure around curves or corners. Today it is even appearing in miniature form as a keychain fob or novelty item.

There are two types of  measure either a spring loaded which is protected within a hard case. Which others are cotton or soft material which is flexible for measuring all types of fabrics, patterns and p-arts of the body so are ideal for dressmaking.

All sorts of tapes, come in metric and imperial measurements. Some that you can even stick on a work-surface for measuring meters of fabric or trimmings. Some on key rings to keep with you, in-case you need a tape measure while you out shopping.

You can never have enough tape measures. With these selection from having one stuck on your worktop or one or two handy in your needle box and other places around the house. Including the retractable which can fit in your handbag unless you come across a fabric shop which was not planned.

Fixable Tape Measure – Self Adhesive so you can fix it your worktop to making measuring out a lot easier. Easily fixed either at the metre or a half metre length clearly marked which ever you have space for.

Retractable tape measure – as it was in a hard case so easy to store in handbag, sewing kit or pocket wile you are out.

Extra long – up to 300 cm/ 150 inch ideal  even for the larges patterns.

Flexible ruler The quilters flexible curve is the perfect design tool for creating your own shapes and designs. It will hold in shape until changed. Also ideal for landscape designers.

Zip- Continuous 5 metres plus 10 free sliders

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Hemline Extra long 300cm/ 120 inches, Hemline Premium Retractable, Fixo Self Adhesive, Tailors Tape Clear Ends, Flexible Curve ruler, Hemline Analogical, Prym Colour plus Press Stud