Tapestry needles Golden Eye Hand Sewing by Pony


1 packet only Packs of 5 – 6 needles in all sizes



Tapestry needles

Tapestry needles have an larger eye on these needles, so it lets them carry a heavier weight or more thicker thread yarn than other needles.  With the blunt tip or ball point tip it can easily go through and pass through loosely woven fabric such as embroidery canvas, Aida which is an even weave fabric without catching or tearing it. Golden eye refer to the coating of the inner needle, which allows the ease of the threading of the needle.

The needle size is denoted by the number on the manufacturer’s packet. Pony uses the system, the lower the number the larger the eye and thickness of the shaft of the needle. Also may denote fewer in the packet.

So these can be used in many other crafts like cross stitch or crewel work.

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