Templates multi sizes all shapes and brands and template stand


For that perfect shape everytime. Wooden holder to stand your collection in




Templates are odd shapes that you are able to make certain patchwork blocks. Are made from tough acrylic and from many well know brands made from acrylic to make it suitable to use with a rotary cutter. Various shape to make easy patchwork patterns. Triangles, Hexagon, Diamonds, plain sheets and uneven nine patch (orange peel) patterns.

Template sheets with a grid pattern on or just plain. These are made from non-slip plastic which is easy draw with a pen or pencil. Ideal for unusual shapes and sizes of shapes.

Hexagon and Diamond templates Measure out exact with this precision-marked – keeping you on the straight-and-narrow. This rule measures out your quilting layers, but can also double for any other textile project, providing reliability, accuracy and multi-sizes. What’s more, you are given an initial height and a finished height so that you can keep abreast of your work whenever you like!

Tri-Mate quilt template is ideal for measuring and cutting isosceles triangles that are four times longer than their height.

Uneven 9 patch template will give your uneven Nine-Patch blocks a similar look to that of the Double Wedding Ring pattern.

Wooden template stand to be able to see and store all your templates within easy reach.

Translucent sheet one shape but many sizes which you can draw wound and be able to fussy cut your fabric.


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60 Degree Diamond, Dresden 3 3/8-8 1/4, 45 degree Diamond, Hexagon 5 inch, Star & Geese, Companion Angle, Translucent Circles, Translucent Hexagons, Template wooden stand, Template Plain, Template Grid, Tri-Mate, Uneven 9 Patch