Thimble – Quilting, sewing, metal protects finger or thumb


Metal and Plastic Polyethylene Thimbles for all types of crafts




Thimble is a small hard pitted cup worn for protection on the tip of finger that when the needle is pushed in the sewing or  quilting.  There are many types which are made from metal or harden or ergonomic moulded plastic and some are adjustable. Finger guards differ from tailors’ thimbles in that they often have a top but are open on one side. Some finger guards are little more than a finger shield attached to a ring to maintain the guard in place.

Hemline metal one with non slip tops to help push the needle through your fabric. These are on cards which you can try size before opening the packet.

Prym ergonomic thimbles are breathable thimbles which mould round your finger while you are working and still protecting. Breathing slots for greater comfort – reduces sweating. End cap is padded internally – helps prevent pressure marks

Clover Adjustable thimble ideal for when doing Sashico needlework






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Hemline General Small 16, Hemline General Medium 17, Hemline General Large 18, Hemline Quilters Small, Hemline Quilters Medium, Hemline Quilters Large, Hemline Quilters Extra Large, Sew Easy Quilting Small, Sew Easy Quilting Medium, Sew Easy Quilters Thumb Thimble, Sew Easy Quilting Large, Sew Easy Quilters Finger Guard, Hemline Thumb Thimble, Prym Ergonomic Large, Prym Ergonomic Medium, Prym Ergonomic Small, Prym Small Orange, Prym Pink Medium, Prym Green Large, Adjustable Thimble Clover