Thimbles for hand sewing by Prym and Hemline


Metal and Plastic Polyethylene Thimbles for all types of crafts



Thimbles for hand sewing

Thimbles come in either metal, leather or ergonomic materials to name a few. It protects the top and edges of your preferred finger that pushes a needle through your project. When the needle is pushed in the sewing this prevents the needle hurting your fingertip. The dimples and grooves on a thimble catch the needle eye and keep it from slipping. A thimble protects the finger from the eye end of the needle. Pushing a needle through thick layers of fabric is much easier with a thimble. Pulling a needle through fabric layers can be very tiring on your thumb and index finger.

Come in many styles, shapes and materials, from metal or ergonomic moulded plastic.

Prym ergonomic material, which are breathable which mould round your finger while you are working and still protecting. Breathing slots for greater comfort – reduces sweating. The end cap is padded internally – helps prevent pressure marks

Hemline We sell metal thimbles in the Hemline range. Suitable for quilting or general sewing. The quilting thimble have non slip top to prevent slipping.


John James ‘Pebble’ hand sewing needles range





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HL General Small 16, HL General Medium 17, HL General Large 18, HL Quilters Small, HL Quilters Medium, HL Quilters Large, HL Quilters Extra Large, SE Quilting Small, SE Quilting Medium, SE Quilters Thumb Thimble, SE Quilting Large, SE Quilters Finger Guard, HL Thumb Thimble, Prym Ergonomic Small, Prym Small Orange, Prym Pink Medium, Prym Green Large, Clover Adjustable Thimble, Prym light blue X Large