Thread conditioner – hand and machine thread


Conditions the thread before sewing  .


 Thread Conditioner

Thread conditioner conditions the thread while eliminating static. Prevents tangling and fraying. Is safe for all threads and fabrics. Safe for all machines. Does not melt or freeze. Leaves no residue. By Thread Magic by Taylor Seville Originals.

You pre treat the thread either by hand a section at a time or through your machine while sewing as the block sits where your thread shall pass through the thread.

It strengthens the thread and eliminates static while also preventing tangling and fraying. This is save on all thread as has a Hypoallergenic formula.

Thread Magic Conditioner in domes or cubes for hand and sewing machine Ideal for the bobbin thread.

Thread Magic is a thread conditioner. Designed to make thread more manageable; it reduces friction when sewing; protects against UV rays, mold and mildew; and helps reduce tangling and knotting. Thread Magic can be used for hand or machine sewing.

400% less thread drag so 400% less hand fatigue acid free

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