Metal and Plastic Polyethylene Thimbles for all types of crafts




Threaders to assist threading of all sizes of needles. Either hand sewing needles or sewing machine needles if your machine does not have one or you are having trouble threading.

Threader with a cutter at the base of the handle two in the packet.

One with a magnifier to help seeing the eye of the needle as you are threading the needle.

Hummingbird Threader NEW on the market. Simply place the needle eye over the beak. then place the thread in the small notch at the end of his or her beak. hold the thread while you pull the needle off the beak and there you go, its threaded. We have found so far that only the small beading needle are not suitable for this threader.

For sewing machine and also will place needle in correct place. Place the needle in the single end and gently place in the top shaft and tighten by handle. place the end of the threader at top of the needle and then towards the eye. Place the thread across the dip and press the pump end and it should thread the needle.




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Hand and Machine, Hand and machine with cutter, Hand and Machine With Magnifier, Hummingbird threader, Machine threader, Sew Mate Red, Black Threader 2pk, Twin Red Pack, Twin white pack